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“ A true healing legacy”

The Heritage Boutique Spa, at Casa Bella Boutique Hotel, is operated by a local family.  Inspired in the authentic Hotel´s Hacienda Style, It is with great pride that we honor the customs, traditions, and wisdom of the last century, found at Haciendas throughout Mexico, and passed down to us by our families...Recognizing the hardwork of all the people in coffee plantations, sugar cane, agave, henequen, agriculture, cattle farm and mining  as well as vineyards.


The ingredients we use in our Spa Menu, decor, and amenities feature materials, words and healing practices that are the invaluable legacy left to us by our ancestors who lived and worked in these Haciendas and in the small Villages scattered within the Country. This knowledge, combined with the finest raw, vegan, eco-friendly and purists Thesis Beauty products - which consist of up to 100 % certified organic, plant-based ingredients - enable us to deliver deeply healing therapeutic treatments that are truly unique.


The Heritage Boutique Spa offers our guests, visitors and local residents the best massages and healing therapies, body treatments and exclusive herbal steam facials inspired by traditional remedies from our ancestors; they give a true sense of Mexican culture, as well as help to support our community by looking for ways to use manufacture and handcraft products from around the Country.


We invite you to step back in time and experience the elegance of colonial era: the architecture, beautiful gardens and sounds of the birds while surrounded by trees and lush tropical plants. Enjoy the sun, the shade, and soak in our exquisite swimming pool as you relax your cares away.


Enjoy a True Healing Legacy in the beautiful colonial heart of downtown of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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